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m.shams June 10, 2010 07:16

cylinder and piston
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Hi every one

Excuse me if my English is not good.

I am beginner in cfx. i simulated cylinder and piston. figure below indicates the geometry and meshes. For simulating piston I used mesh deformation feature and analyze type is transient. but when solving error below occured.

If possible, please guide me.

Thanks a lot


Fluid Flow_003 has terminated with errors.
Run concluded at: Wed Nov 10 15:25:42 2010
Results are in

C:\piston- 1 domain\piston_files\dp0\CFX\CFX\Fluid Flow_003.res

the *.out file of solution attached to this post

ghorrocks June 10, 2010 08:13

You have defined the piston motion as a constant - 2[m]. This means the mesh will jump to this position in the first time step and stop there. This is wrong, you have to write the displacement as a function of time, maybe a sin() function or something so the piston can move gradually as a function of time from the starting location to the finish location.

m.shams June 10, 2010 15:21

my problem solved with your guid
thanks a lot for your reply.

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