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chisa June 11, 2010 05:42

how to control an input voltage???
I have one body(B1) that works with voltage applied. this body is inserted in another body (B2) to be heated.
The voltage is set to 60 V. when B2 reaches temperature higher than 90 degrees C, the voltage value must be decreased to stay around 80-90 degrees (but no more than 90 degrees anyway!!).
Where and how to write this function?
I really thank who will help me...
P.s; i read the "Example: Feedback to Control Inlet Temperature" in the help, but in that exemple the temperature restart from the lower value...but i donīt want to force my B1 to restart from 60 V, just i want my B1 have the rigth voltage value to keep the temperature around 80-90 degrees...

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