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mactech001 June 13, 2010 10:00

[CFXv11]importing CFX convection into WB
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Dear all,

i'm encountering another problem while importing CFX convection into WBv11.

please see attached picture.

Figure 1: areas in the cooling channel on the housing that is interfacing with fluid. Notice the areas of the coolant ports are selected

Figure 2: areas defined as cooling channel on housing interfacing with fluid in CFX-Post. Note that, the default interface DID NOT select the coolant port areas.

however, the simulation in WB completed smoothly. i would expect WB to pop out a message claiming that importing will not be possible, because the interface definitions are not entirely correct and transfering data between the nodes will not be possible.

but why has WB completed the simulation even though the interfaces are not matching?

Any thoughts will be helpful. Because, now when i re-do another calculation with a different fluid flowrate, WB is complaining that transfering data between nodes is not successful.

Please help.

ghorrocks June 14, 2010 18:37

If faces do not match then the GGI assumes they are not in contact. Then it applies slip/adiabatic walls on those faces. You can make them no slip/heat transfer walls in the options.

You usually have to fix the default selection of interfaces as the default guess is wrong. It is tedious but necessary.

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