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Gabriel_ June 16, 2010 12:33

Error in one of the tutorials

I'm learning to use the CFX and I'm resolving the tutorials of the program. I found something strange in the tutorial number 22 - Fluid Structure Interaction and Mesh Deformation. I followed all the instructions, but when I start the simulation it's stop after 5 iterations with two errors that I transcribe here. I would like to know why it is happens.

| ERROR #002100027 has occurred in subroutine cNWDIST. |
| Message: |
| At least one highly skewed element has been detected on a wall |
| boundary, leading to an unreliable near-wall distance calculation |
| for the turbulent wall functions. The solver will continue |
| to execute, but convergence and/or accuracy may be affected. |
| Please consider improving the mesh quality. The coordinates of |
| the element face are ( 0.2000E+01, 0.9085E+03, 0.5000E-01 ).

| ERROR #002100012 has occurred in subroutine cVolSec. |
| Message: |
| A negative ELEMENT volume has been detected. This is a fatal |
| error and execution will be terminated. The location of the first |
| negative volume is reported below. |
| Volume : -0.5436E-02 |
| Location : ( 0.21975E+01, 0.72669E+03, 0.50000E-01)

Attesz June 16, 2010 13:15


you meshed your domain wrong. read the tutorial carefully and mesh it again and , it should work.


Gabriel_ June 17, 2010 10:19

Thank you for your help, I read the tutorial again and found my mistake.

Abhi.shek December 3, 2016 05:23

please tell what was the mistake and how you corrected it. i am having the same error for the tutorial.

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