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Hitch8 June 29, 2010 04:25

Source within a porous domain
Hi everyone!

I would like to define an energy source term within a porous domain by reading in a csv file (x,y,z, source term [W m^-3], similar to the definition of a boundary condition by reading in a boundary profile file.

Does anyone know if this is possible and how I can do that?

Many thanks!

ghorrocks June 29, 2010 06:25

Use a 3D CEL interpolation function. When you set it up in CFX-Pre it will probably be easier to use the text editor to enter the points directly from the csv file - but you will have to do a small amount of formatting, but it is not hard.

Hitch8 July 1, 2010 09:18

Hi Glen,
thank you again for your help!

I have still a small problem; I managed to create the User Function (H2 Source), I've imported the data points (coordinate, value) by reading in a csv. file. I have now a list of data points (about 3400, coordinates x,y,z and the corresponding value).
I tried to define an equation source [kg m^-3 s^-1] in a subdomain, but I don't know exactly what name I have to put in the field. Is it just the name of the user function (H2 Source) or is it something like H2 Source.Variable name(x,y,z)?


ghorrocks July 1, 2010 18:42

If you used a 3D interpolation function it is simply f(a,b,c), where a,b and c are the input variables - almost always x,y and z. So in your case it would be "H2 Source(x,y,z)".

Hitch8 July 2, 2010 03:01

Thank you very much Glen, perfect!


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