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Airone July 1, 2010 17:27

CFD-Post how to plot stress and streamlines?
Hi all,

I am using CFD-Post for postprocessing my simulations with Polyflow solver. I would like to plot shear stresses, normal stresses differences and streamlines for secondary flow projected on a plane.
I know there are some streamlines and vector options but the authorized variables to plot are Normal, Velocities, the velocity gradients, curl and swirl.

Do you have any idea I could do that ? I would be really surprised if it can't be done.

Thank you for your help ! I highly appreciate it.

Josh July 5, 2010 15:06

Of course stress contours and streamlines can be plotted. For contours, just create your desired plane and select the appropriate variable. There should be more options available other than "Normal, Velocities..." For streamlines, just create a streamline and select the velocity variable (or whatever variable you desire). The Help file and beginner tutorials cover all of this.

Airone July 9, 2010 11:42

Thank you for your answer Josh. I think I have found my problem. I couldn't feature those variables because I had to select them first to be solved in my Polydata setup at he very last step of the setup.

Josh July 9, 2010 11:56

You're very welcome. Good luck.

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