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Karkoura July 2, 2010 15:07

Plotting Camber Line on CFX-Post
Hi I am using CFX-Post v12.1

I am trying to plot the camber line at the tip section of an airfoil, as well as the projection of this camber line on the casing. Afterwards, I would like to calculate values at specific points located on the camberline and on its projection on the casing.

Does anyone have any idea on how to create the camberline? I do not have the original geometry in CATIA, I only have access to the CFD case in CFX-Post (for postprocessing).

Thank you in advance for any help. All suggestions are welcome.

ghorrocks July 3, 2010 06:21

I do not know what you are trying to do. The camber line is the mid-line of the foil, isn't it (I am not an airfoil specialist)? So what are you trying to do with the chamber line?

Karkoura July 5, 2010 09:32

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I would like to create points along the camber line of the airfoil. Or just the line itself. I've tried many manipulations with polylines and surfaces and planes but could not create that line.

However, my ultimate goal is to create say 3 points on the camber line: one located at 25% of the axial chord, the second at 50% and the third at 75% axial chord.

Once I have these points, I will use the function calculator in CFX-Post to compute properties such as nusselt number for example at these specific points.

I've attached a picture of the tip section of an airfoil showing the camber line. I hope the attachment works.

Thank you.

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