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alastormoody11 July 6, 2010 09:15

Extracting mixture ratios along particle tracks

I am simulating an evaporating fuel spray injected into a cross flow in air using a Eulerian fluid Lagrangian droplet. I am running a transient simulation in CFX and I have written the particle track file, it has the particle temperature and particle diameter. However I also need the local mixture ratio since I am using this spray simulation to extract boundary conditions to validate an in house ignition code. Is there any way to do extract the mixture ratio barring the obvious brute force method, the problem arises since the mixture ratio is a property of the continuous fluid while the rest are available in the particle track file.

Anyone who has dealt with a similar situation please reply.



alastormoody11 July 6, 2010 11:17


I found out that we can do the above by using the export file and specifying all the variables needed along the particle track however I cannot distinguish between particle tracks as in where one particle track information ends and where the information of the other article track begins. If anyone has used the export option for a similar sort of purpose please reply.



ghorrocks July 6, 2010 18:39

Aren't you simply looking for the volume fraction? That should be in the results file.

I have no idea what you are asking about in your second post.

alastormoody11 July 7, 2010 05:21

I want the vapor mass fraction along a particle trajectory now I used the export option in CFX 11 to extract these trajectories and the particle information as well as the continuous phase information the only problem is that I cannot distinguish between where the information for the first particle track ends and where the information for the second particle track begins(I checked this by printing the particle time in this file) but the the list does not begin with zero particle time but there are two zeroes corresponding to the two particle tracks. If you can post your email i could send you the file in question.

ghorrocks July 7, 2010 06:27

I think there is also a variable called particle count or something like that. Each different particle will have a different particle count. That should help you sort it out.

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