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mnd40335 July 14, 2010 13:55

Anys IcePak
Hello all

I am a beginning Icepak user .Are there any expert users in here who have validated Icepak ? Please tell me what pros. and cons. are in using Icepak . Do you have any good example which can be used demonstrate a validating Icepak process ? how accurated of Icepak is ?
I am hit to the blocked road because I have relevant results in comparing empirical data vs. Icepak data even it's just a simple natural convection problem with HSC1004R7 power resisitor temp. generated 7.375 W .
Regards .


stumpy July 14, 2010 15:23

Try the Fluent forum, since Icepack is using the Fluent solver.

Jupudi.pramodh December 13, 2011 06:19

Icepak is a very effective and user friendly software, very useful for electronic cooling. :)

First of all, let me make clear of one thing, the accuracy of solution obtained from any simulation package depends on many factors like mesh quality, complexity of the geometry, case setup used.

So if proper case setup is used with a good quality mesh, the predictions from icepak are almost 95% accurate.

Iam a cfd engineer specially working in electronic cooling. I use icepak for my simulations. I have experienced the ceses in which the predictions from icepak are as accurate as 99% with the physical test results.

So keep exploring the package to get proficiency.

Wish you all the best.

Best regards,

enesjue June 23, 2012 03:30

Hey I checked out your reviews which seems interesting but I have some problems on meshing in Icepak. What kind suggests do you have for meshing in Icepak?


Jupudi.pramodh August 9, 2012 05:24


Meshing with icepak is always a challenge. Because it has got an auto mesher, because of which the user will not have very high control over the mesher. At the same time, having an auto mesher is an added advantage for the users, because the time required for meshing will be very less.
There are lot of provisions using which, the user can attain high quality mesh.

1. Make use of Non conformal assemblies
2. Make use of component level mesh parameters ( right click on the component name and click on edit mesh parameters)
3. Can make use of Hex-Dominant mesh ( Mesher-HD), in case of complex geometries.
4. Make use of multi level meshing ( both automatic and manual)

As we know mesh count is directly proportional to the solving time. Hence care should be taken that the mesh count doesn't go too high.
Many a time, Under relaxation factors and some solver settings help in acheiving good results even with an average quality mesh.
Many more tips and tricks are there which one can learn with experience.
Explore more, Learn more..... Wish you all the best


ykkhawade October 17, 2017 08:21

Help to Setup case in Ansys Icepak
I am a beginner in icepak I have a condition for forced convection , where I have two small DC fans just in front of heatsink to cool electronic components in the system, with an inlet kept just above the fans of the enclosure, I would like to know the boundary conditions to be used for this setup.
Thanks in advance!

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