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solimcfd July 26, 2010 18:22

Powder Flow
Hi, I am currently doing a project involving the simulation of powder flow in CFX.
Does anyone have any experience regarding this topic, which models to use or some literature that I could read? I would appreciate any help!

ghorrocks July 26, 2010 18:41

CFX models the Navier stokes equations. Are they a good description of your powder flow? I suspect not. If not then CFX cannot help you. You might want to consider simulation package like EDEM or other discrete element solvers.

lihui54312 July 26, 2010 22:06

Can you cearly describe your problem? only have the powder?no having the air or oter fluid,if have ,this is about multiphase problem

solimcfd July 27, 2010 03:18

Well, the problem involves filling a capsule (containing air at the beginning) with a powder. A powder is slowly poured into a cylindrical capsule and thereby compresses and displaces the air. I thought I could do this using one of the multiphase models in CFX. Which model would you recommend?

ghorrocks July 27, 2010 07:25

Describe the behaviour of the powder. Is it stick-slip? Angle of repose? Or very fluid?

You MIGHT be able to do this using a eularian model with a maximum packing factor. Not sure, depends on the details of the powder.

solimcfd July 27, 2010 11:22

The powder itself is very very fine. First when the powder comes into the capsule the frictional forces wont play a role. The particles will pass through the inlet under the force of gravity, fall a certain distance and then settle at the bottom. When the individual particles begin to group at the bottom of the capsule is when other effects will begin to gain in importance, friction etc. I assume I might have to change models depending on the flow regime, i.e the free fall and then the frictional flow at the bottom.

ghorrocks July 28, 2010 07:53

You might be able to model this with a eularian model and a maximum packing fraction. It will be difficult to get the details right, for instance the angle of repose of the powder will be difficult to get.

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