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asma July 28, 2010 04:56

Propeller Static thrust
I am trying to setup a propeller flow analysis, to measure its static thrust. My blade would be stalled under these conditions where horizontal velocity will be set to zero and the only flow of concern would be due to the rotational motion of the blade.

I am using the regular two domain model used for rotating blades, with the same boundary conditions except that the stationary domain inlet and outlet have been set as "openings". For both inlet and outlet, opening pressure has been set to 0psf. For inlet, turbulence option was set to "zero gradient" and for outlet, it has been set to "Medium intensity".

I wanted to know if this method is correct. Secondly, while going through the discussion forum, I read somewhere that transient state should be used wen flow is expected to seperate as it would when the blade stalls in my case. Should I be running a transient state solution?

ghorrocks July 28, 2010 07:56

You will need to do a sensitivity check on the proximity of the inlet and outlet boundaries to the propeller. Need to make sure you are far enough away to not affect results.

Also you should check a steady state model against a transient model to see if transient is required in your case. As you mention, for a stall simulation it is quite likely it is required.

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