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Saima July 30, 2010 10:01

2D Fan Analysis in CFX ...HELP Required!!
Hi all,

I am working NASA rotor 67 blade. But instead of doing 3D i have started my work with 2D. When i import 2D mesh from ICEM to CFX it automatically converts in 3D by taking unit width.

There are three options available for Inlet and outlet boundary conditions:

1. I put inlet: Total temp and Total Pressure
Outlet: static pressure
2. I put inlet: Mass flow rate
Outlet: static pressure and static temp
3. I put inlet: Total temp and Total Pressure
Outlet: Mass flow rate

I choose 1 with total pressure and tem at inlet and static pressure outlet.
I fixed whole domain stationary and select my blade rotating with speed 16046 RPM.If i take domain rotation it doesn't run and gave error right away.

I chose periodic conditions but periodicity translation because if i took rotational it doesn't run and gave error right away.

As i told u CFX automatically covert 2D air foil in 3D but with small thicknes. So i took top and bottom as Hub and shroud but with symmetry boundry conditions. I tried Wall but i was not run.

I choose Material :Air ideal Gas.
Heat Transfer Model : Total Energy
Turbulance Model: SST

It runs. But result are not reasonable as i am not getting any temperature difference.

T01= 288 K
P01 = 101352.0 Pa

I am getting
T02: 288.17 K
P02 = 110235.20 Pa

But i havent got good result. All the time my inlet and outlet total temperature is same in all three cases. Why is that?

I solved CFX and Fluent tutorial for 3D blade my conditions are almost same.Kindly suggest me what shud i do.

Thank you and Regards,

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