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cfdengineer July 30, 2010 16:52

Setting up a turbine nozzle case
I am using CFX v12.1 to solve flow through a high pressure turbine nozzle. Since I am new to CFX I would like to know what is the best practice with respect to setting up turbine nozzle/blade flows. Since this is a nozzle it is not rotating. I am planning to use the SST for turbulence since I was told this is the best option, but should I start with 1st order or start everything with high resolution. The reason of the run is to compare to profile data. With respect to the turbulence option the nozzle is loaded with cooling holes that mix with the hot gas. I have been told that running 1st order would be sufficient and that running high resolution would be a waste of time and that the CFX profile difference between 1st order and high resolution would be minimal. Can someone answer that. If there is a best practice or tutorial from CFX that would help out a lot. Thank you.

ghorrocks August 1, 2010 06:29

Have a look at the best practises guide in the documentation for some ideas on doing good simulations. The Journal of Fluids Engineering editorial policy ( is pretty blunt - they won't accept models done using 1st order methods. If JFE does not accept it then should you?

CCTech_Pune August 2, 2010 05:49

Setting up a turbine nozzle case
Even CFX help manual says we should not use the 1st Order solution as the final one.

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