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mehrdadeng August 3, 2010 04:44

tabular boundry condition!!!
hi dears
i have a question.please guid me.
how can define a table of prassure and temprature that be dependent to time for inlet boundry condition.
i have taken this tabular boundry condition from GTPOWER software that is an internal engine simulator you know the exited fluid of engins dont have constant pressure and temprature and are variable.this result dont have standard function. i intend to apply this table to the inlet boundry condition of turbo charger.

for example

t=1 p=300 T=200
t=n p=x T=y

i hope that you help me.
thanks alot
best regard

ghorrocks August 3, 2010 08:07

This is a CEL 1D interpolation function. Have a look in the tutorial examples for how to use it.

mehrdadeng August 3, 2010 15:25

thanks alot
what is number of example that is related to it?


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