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zhou467 August 3, 2010 23:06

can Rigid body be used in a FSI simulation?
Hello, I am trying to do a FSI simulation. It's a spinnin screw immersed in some viscous fluid. I want to set the solid as a rigid body in the transient structural analysis. However, if I do so, I cannot define "fluid solid interface". Can anyone give me some help? Thanks in advance.

stumpy August 4, 2010 16:46

No, you can't do that. Only flexible bodies can be used on the structural side. Where does FSI come in? Why not just define moving boundaries in CFX, or use the Rigid Body Solver in CFX?

ghorrocks August 4, 2010 19:36

CFX V13 has a full 6DOF rigid body solver build in. Download the trial version and give it a try.

belgacem May 25, 2012 13:17

Iím using Ansys CFX V.13 and I need some head start.
I want to simulate wave generated by sliding mass (block). So, Iím supposed to simulate a wedge dropping the calm water surface. The 2-D transient simulation consisting of a wedge prism sliding down an inclined slope of 45į, with translation in the x and y-axis. In order to simulate the wedge falling, I used the Rigid Body Solver in Ansys CFX Pre 13. Noted that the Rigid body is defined as an Immersed Solid with two degree of freedom (x and y-axis). So, I give a density (or mass) to the block and I let it fall under gravity. I have specified a coordinate frame that has its origin at the center of mass of the physical Rigid Body. Another fixed coordinate frame was specified related to the water at rest.
Please, I want to know how to make the block stop moving on the bottom where the potential energy was equal to zero? The velocity of the block was needed to describe the Kinematic of the landslide and it should equal zero in the bottom. In my case, the block passes the bottom wall.
Second, the water still passes through the solid. I already use a very fine mesh.
I would very much appreciate it if you help me solve the following problem.

ghorrocks May 26, 2012 06:10

Read the documentation about stopping water passing through the body. I do not know off the top of my head how to fix your first question.

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