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kmgraju August 4, 2010 01:47

Blood flow through pipe
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I am trying to simulate simple problem like fluid flow through pipe of 8cm(artery).
my input velocity is 0.12m/s .outlet relative pressure is 0 Pa. Reference pressure is 1 atm .
if analysis has done in ansys CFX what is the pressure at the inlet ,pressure at the outlet and inside the pipe through out ?
my analysis is steady state analysis .
according to the theory if the flow is fully developed inside the pipe the pressure will be uniform throughout the pipe. is it correct?
But in CFX post i am getting minimum pressure and maximum pressure .
How it is possible ?
Please find the attachment.
Kindly reply me what is wrong .

AliTr August 4, 2010 02:36

to drive the flow from inlet to the outlet (or two points with similar velocities) there should be some friction headloss in between, this will create the pressure difference.

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