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vmlxb6 August 9, 2010 03:15

Need help with the following error:
I am simulating a flow over a cylinder, to find the motion of the cylinder due to the vortex formation. After setting up the entire file in CFX_pre, i get the following error:

CFX_SOLVER_BASIC_MP_LIMIT does not exist in the ANSYSLI pool.

An error has occured in cfx5solve:

The ANSYS CFX solver could not be started, or excited with return code 255:
-No results file has been created.

ghorrocks August 9, 2010 06:28

Licensing problem. Talk to your IT people and find out what CFX licenses you have available.

vmlxb6 August 9, 2010 12:32

If the problem is the licence then why am I able to run the tutorial file correctly ????

ghorrocks August 9, 2010 18:43

Look like your license is node limited. Your model now exceeds the allowed number of nodes.

vmlxb6 August 9, 2010 19:13

Thanks a lot........I try with the IT dept.

vmlxb6 August 9, 2010 23:13

Hey Ghorrocks... thanx man !!!! It did work.....I re-meshed it but reduced the number of nodes just to check if it was node related problem....... and it did work.......

I reduced the mesh nodes from 72083 to 1941. The mesh quality is pathetic but still the problem is known now.


Black Mamba

vmlxb6 August 14, 2010 14:19

@ Ghorrocks: I tried a variety of combinations and got the following results:

I tried running a dynamic mesh flow over a cylinder with 402036 elements and 72083 node and it failed to run.It gave error 255. I then reduced the number of nodes to 1941 and element to 9586 with the same mesh type and it gave results.
I thought it was the node specific license issue. SO just out of curiosity I meshed 4 different cases (for stationary cylinder) having the # of nodes to be 1900, 72000, 40200, 109565. These case have no UDF written with no dynamic mesh deformation., surprising all worked pretty fine ??? .

My question's are as follows:
1.) If the ANSYS license is node specific, then why did it work the second time (stationary cylinder case)???

2.) The tutorial which works just fine had a mesh with 18442 nodes. 2nd ,3rd and 4th cases have nodes greater than 18422 but still it worked ???

ghorrocks August 15, 2010 06:37

I don't know what the node count limit is. You will have to chase that you yourself.

Sounds like you are getting a different error with your error 255 run so you can't use that to establish the node count limit.

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