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edeffect August 13, 2010 22:20

Kite Analysis, Help Needed!

I am having a lot of trouble trying to analyse a surf kite in CFX Ansys. I am importing models in a parasolid model format. These models are quite complicated with 87 parts, 87 bodies. What I need to do is extract the model from a block larger than the block so that I can assign boundary conditions, Inlets, Outlets etc to the the surfaces and analyse the shape.

I can import the model to ansys. I can draw a large rectangular block over the kite. But cant manage to extract the kite from the block.

Does anybody have any experience with importing models into ansys and analysing them with CFX?

In prior work I have completed with CFX I have drawn a block in solid edge then extruded the shape desired from the block and then set the middle surfaces to mirror.

All help much appreciated


P.S I can supply the models if required?

edeffect August 15, 2010 20:19

Anyone, surely someone has a similar experience?

All help much appreciated


jbritton August 16, 2010 06:26

are you imported the geometry to designmodeler or directly in to CFX?

if its design modeller create and enclosure around the model then use that for the analysis. use the help (f1) for procedure.

otherwise do this in solidworks, no idea how, dont use it and import into cfx

Kindel August 16, 2010 14:14

If you are using DesignModeler, have you tried using the Body Operation/Cut Body option? It cuts one body from another, which sounds like what you are trying to do. It may not be visible on your toolbar, if not go to Tools/Options/DesignModeler/Toolbars/Body Operation and set the value to "Yes".

edeffect August 16, 2010 19:25

Hey, thanks for the help so far!

In regards to the importing the model into design modeler and creating an enclosure around the kite and assigning conditions to the enlosure (free slip wall etc). I cant seem to do this unless either the kite model or the enclosure is set to 'frozen state'? Then when I run an analysis it seems to ignore the model and there is no interaction with the model? Any ideas?

In regards to the Body Operation/Cut Body option, I tried this by importing the kite model and an enclosure model I made in solid edge. Upon trying to generate the cut body, I always encountered an error from Ansys? I think this is because the kite model has struts and a leading edge, which are assembled with tubes. So essentially I think it doesnt work because the kite model is not a complete solid.

Any other ideas how to tackle this problem?


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