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kmgraju August 17, 2010 01:25

error message
I am doing transient analysis in the artery. The model I have chosen is simple tube. In cfx pre I set the boundary conditions as below

U= Umax*(1-r^2/R^2)

outlet :
Average static pressure 0 Pa.

I set all the initial conditions

my reference pressure is 1 atm
During solver I have a notice as shown below .
What is wrong in my setting . I need your help in this regard
Thanks in advance

****** Notice ****** |
| A wall has been placed at portion(s) of an OUTLET |
| boundary condition (at 53.0% of the faces, 40.3% of the area) |
| to prevent fluid from flowing into the domain. |
| The boundary condition name is: Outlet. |
| The fluid name is: Blood. |
| If this situation persists, consider switching |
| to an Opening type boundary condition instead.

ghorrocks August 17, 2010 07:01

Please search the forum and read the CFX documentation about this - it has been asked thousands of times.

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