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emaronchi August 18, 2010 05:19

Model Crude oil
Hi, I need to model crude oil, do you have any hint?

I found liquid benzene in the library but it is not nearly viscous enough. Ideally a 32 API or 48 API oil model would be great.

Viscosity: 1.6-8 mPa s
Density: about 850 kg/m3
No reactivity or combustion needed, just basic liquid.

I tried to enter a model manually but I keep getting errors.

Thanks for your help!



ghorrocks August 18, 2010 06:49

If you know the properties then just stick them in. If you do it properly there should be no errors, have a look at how they do it in some tutorial examples.

Josh August 24, 2010 19:54

Several of the tutorials in the Help file and on the ANSYS portal tell you how to create a fluid.

What errors are you getting, specifically?

emaronchi August 25, 2010 03:42

Hi, I fixed it a while ago by making sure the heat transfer module and all fancy features were disabled.

I posted this thread in case somebody had a rather complete model for oil including all the features, i.e. not only the viscosity.

thanks anyway for the answers!



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