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kmgraju August 23, 2010 03:20

sine function velocity - error - help needed
I am useing sine function as my velocity input for my modeling
I need to clarify the following item
1. If I use sine function ( velocity as an input and t is a variable), what type of analysis can I do ? Transient or steady state analysis? I use transient analysis

while doing transient analysis the solver gives an error. I dont know where I made a mistake . I request anybody to help me in this regard

Thank you in advance


Lance August 23, 2010 04:18

Yes, you can do transient analysis if you have time as a variable... a time-varying boundary condition doesn't make much sense in a steady-state simulation. And if you want help you have to be more specific, what kind of error do you get and how does your expression look like? Post your .ccl?

By the way, isn't this the third thread you've made about exactly the same thing?

Josh August 24, 2010 20:07

What error are you getting? Like Lance says, we need more info.

kmgraju August 28, 2010 09:17

Hello Mr Lance and Jose
Sorry for the late reply.
I solved the problem .I just bring the mesh model into a different working directory then I tried. The problem has been solved. I dont know what is the reason.

Thank you


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