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Nevel August 24, 2010 03:05

Conductive heat transfer in porous media
Hi all,
could you please explain how to take to account conductive heat transfer in solid structure of porous domain? I do not know how to make it but it would be possible because the feature is referred in CFX 12.1 Documentation as “Porous CHT domains” beta feature.
Thanks for all replies and advices.

Jade M August 24, 2010 15:37

This would be a Conjugate Heat Transfer / One Way FSI problem. I would suggest looking at FSI tutorials. There are good ones in the software. This will involve including the solid domain, of course, and meshing this domain as well. The problems in the fluid and solid domains are linked by adding a solid-liquid interface in Pre. For a well posed problem, there are no longer boundary conditions at this interface, as the interface is part of the solution.

CFX solves for conduction in the solid and passes the interface temperature to Mechanical where the temperature in the solid is recalculated. At the interface, the only boundary condition that can be applied is Conservative Interface Flux. The boundary conditions for the inlet and outlet are applied in the same way that they are applied for standard CFX analysis. To prescribe the boundary condition for the outer boundary of the fluid, in Outline, right click on the default fluid domain, select Edit, click on tab Boundary Details, and apply appropriate boundary conditions for velocity, wall roughness and heat transfer.

Good luck! It took me a while to understand setting up this type of problem.

ghorrocks August 24, 2010 18:41

No, I don't think it is an FSI thing so I would not look at those tutorials. It should be just a CHT thing.

If you are having troubles getting a beta feature working it is best to talk to CFX support as there are frequently a lot of undocumented things which are important to get it working.

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