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Batis August 25, 2010 11:49

Algebraic Multigrid

Does anyone know where I can find more detailed information about Algebraic Multigrid acceleration used in CFX solver?

The main things I would like to know:
1. What kind of coarsening-refinement cycle is used; V-,W-,F, FMG, other?
2. What is so called Additive Corection?


ghorrocks August 25, 2010 17:50

Have you read the documentation and chased up the references from the theory section? This describes the linear solver.

Batis August 25, 2010 19:03

I've study the documentation very precisely but there is nothing about which coarsening-refinement cycle is used in CFX. I also don't think that I can find this information in references.

As for Additive Corrections, I have found some satisfactory informations.


stumpy August 26, 2010 16:03

I'm fairly sure it's the W cycle, but I can't recall where I heard that.

Batis August 26, 2010 19:52

Thaks for reply.


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