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uwsa August 26, 2010 08:30

Split Monitor for Residuals
Hi @all,

maybe it is a simple question but I could not find a solution for it.
1. Is there a possibility to seperate the output control for different variables? e.g. one monitor for temperatures and another one for massflow but not both in one!

2. Is there a possiblity in cfx-post to express the values for a couple of points altogether? I know how to plot the value for a plane or a line or a single point and then to express them out. However how it is working for a 300 Points?

Thanks a lot for every help.

Best wishes

stumpy August 26, 2010 16:10

1. Sure. Just right-click on your monitor when the solver is running and select which lines you want to display. Create a new monitor (in the Solver Manager) to display the other one.

2. You just need a loop. Search the doc for "Power Syntax Example 2 Using a for Loop". You would just write that loop into the Command Editor in CFD-Post.

bharath August 26, 2010 22:12

alternatively you can use table to get the values
(probe(velocity)@point 1,2,3....)

uwsa September 14, 2010 03:42

great thank you to all. Both options are well.

Sometimes life can be so easiy with a little help :)

Thank you again.

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