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pedyspider September 1, 2010 15:48

describe all file extensions!
can anyone describe all file extension that are used in a CFX project?
for example: cfx, def, cst, gtm and others.
whit the usage and programs to open with.


ghorrocks September 1, 2010 19:59

* CFX-Pre reads in a wide variety of mesh formats. gtm is a mesh format from CFX-Mesh. It outputs a .cfx file (the CFX-Pre file) and a .def file.
* The solver takes the .def file and generates a .out file which is a text file which describes the progress of the simulation. The .res file is (usually) a binary file which contains the results.
* CFD-Post is the post processor. It reads the .res file (or variants of it such as .trn or .bak) and does post processing. The post processing state can be saved in a .cst file.

I think that's right.

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