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uwsa September 2, 2010 04:26

boiling with timedependent variation
Dear cfx-users,

i am dealing with a transient boiling problem and i can not get expected results.
Case is a channel (with water and steam as particle model from IAPS-TABLE) with a certain number of heaters (heat flux is not constant for them ). I am also using the RPI model.
Boundary Conditions are about 60-90Mpa for Pressure and Temp: 280-300 Celsius and heaters are the power is in a region of MegaWatts.

Fact is that the liquid is boiling! However:
I used the boiling model with phase change (for almost all available water-steam tables), but during the calculation the vapour value (condensing/vaporisation) is not changing (e.g. by reducing or increasing heatflux, inputflow etc. etc.).

What can be wrong? where could be a mistake? Did I forget sth.?

I would be really glad about some hints and help.

Thanks a lot to all

Best wishes

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