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syler3321 September 2, 2010 18:42

Why are the du/dy values so low?
i am using ANSYS CFX 12. I am running a simulation of an empty computational domain. i used a log law profile to input the velocity at my inlet. When i checked the du/dy in CFX POST, i get values that are very small near the wall. This shouldnt be the case. du/dy should be large near the wall. Instead of getting values like 2000 plus, i get values near the range of 50 to 60. What is wrong? Can somebody help? my simulation is for a smooth wall.

syler3321 September 11, 2010 00:56

Anybody? i'm getting really deperate here

ghorrocks September 11, 2010 06:09

Are you aware of the hybrid versus conservative variable difference? Read the documentation about the difference between the types of variables and it may explain your question.

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