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fth September 6, 2010 10:01

multiphase cavitation
Hi all,
I want to know if CFX is capable to model free surface cavitation in multiphase condition (air ,water and vapor). I am looking for your advise. thanks.

ghorrocks September 6, 2010 18:23

Can you explain what you are trying to model? It depends on the context.

fth September 7, 2010 09:16

multiphase cavitation
First many thanks for your reply. I want to model flow over spillway in which air entrains in water after a length, and because the probable of cavitation risk in high speed I want to model cavitation on the spillway (including vapor phase), I am interest to know if CFX is capable in this situation or not.
I have already modeled the air entrainment phenomenon in fluent but there is some inaccuracy in it.
One more question, after the spillway (in stilling basin) the air should exit from the flow. But this phenomenon doesn't happen for the case which I model in the fluent, it would be very kind of you if anyone can advise me whether any similar condition is modeled with CFX and acceptable result is achieved or not?

ghorrocks September 7, 2010 18:56

The air entrainment +free surface should be able to be done in CFX. It should be able to be done in Fluent also.

Not sure if you can combine free surface, air entrainment and cavitation though. Talk to CFX support about that. Or just try it and see what happens.

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