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Reto September 9, 2010 11:25

Temperature dependent on air properties

I am working on natural convection on a vertical heated plate. I set the plate temperature high (~700 K), so it seems that the flow over the plate is turbulent flow. These are my questions:

1. Most of properties for Air 25 C have constant value. Is there the built-in properties of the air depending on temperature?

2. What value of y+ should I use in meshing procedure for simulating the viscous sublayer?

Please give me suggestions. Thank you in advance!

ghorrocks September 9, 2010 18:52

1) No. You will have to define it yourself.
2) You need to do a sensitivity study to establish this. Are you sure you need to model the sublayer? You might be turbulent enough that wall functions are OK and then meshing is much easier.

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