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keeper September 16, 2010 08:56

mesh deformation
hi engineers..

I am trying to find out how mesh deformation can affect simulation results. Please cen somebody explain me this setting?? Or just send me some link?? I appraise all answers. Thanks a lot.

ghorrocks September 16, 2010 18:13

What do you mean? Simulation errors caused by mesh deformation or flow driven by mesh deformation?

keeper September 17, 2010 02:47

I mean flow driven by mesh deformation. I read in CFX help that I should use this setting when there are moving domains in the case. I simulate radial compressor and I consider of using this parametr.

Thanks for answer

ghorrocks September 17, 2010 05:52

No, it is not as simple as the domain moves so must use moving mesh. If you are modelling a rotating machine you probably don't need moving mesh and should use rotating frames of reference instead.

Have a look in the tutorials for the axial rotor/stator examples.

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