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sherifkadry September 20, 2010 17:22

ANSYS CFX 12.0 Crash on local node
I was wondering if any of you have experienced similar issues. I have a local node that I use mainly for post processing and occasionally running some of our turbomachinery based cases. Well I decided to run a case on the node, and after 2-3 hours of a run my computer froze and suddenly rebooted itself. I got our department IT guy to check the machine and hardware wise its in good nick. No problems (according to him). Anyway here are the specs:
OS: OpenSuse 11.3
Processor: 2x Quad core xeon
Mem: 16 Gb

The case I ran was very light on the resources, a simple case with about 800k elements. My IT guy is saying that he thinks its CFXs' fault, any thoughts? I usually run cases on our university clusters so its not to big of a deal; just wanted ideas on why this maybe going on.

When the machine crashes I do not get any errors from CFX whatsoever, basically the screen freezes and the machine reboots and I'm left with the .dir and the trn files up to that point.

ghorrocks September 20, 2010 18:36

If this is a CFX problem it is very rare, and certainly unique to your machine. CFX cannot reboot the machine without something being seriously wrong. You should check the CFX log files and system log files to try to find what is the problem. Otherwise you are just guessing.

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