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preetham108 September 22, 2010 11:46

Film growth in boundary layer in 2 phase flow
Hello Folks,

1) Is it possible to capture the growth of droplets and nucleation in boundary layer in the wet steam flows(Exhaust hood of steam turbine) using CFX/ math models
2) Has CFX got the capability to model and simulate the droplet condensation and its growth withing boundary layer or should it be supplemented by UDF? If so are there any tutorials etc..

Please share your experiences/ expertise in the area of steam turbine exhaust diffuser -pressure recovery/ loss estimation by wet steam flows/ bounday layer condensation/ vof[numerical methods] / computational requirements/ know-hows etc...

REF journals:
1) White A.J., Numerical Investigation of Condensing Steam Flow in Boundary Layers, International Journal of Heat and Fluid Flow,Vol.21, pp. 727-734, 2000.

2) White A.J., Modeling Droplet Size Distribution in Poly-dispersed Wet Steam Flows, International
Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, pp. 1873- 1874, 2000.

ghorrocks September 22, 2010 18:44

CFX has a number of technologies in this area. You will probably need to use something like the sub-cooled condensation modelling, I think there is a tutorial of it (or something like it) in CFX V12. In fact I think the tutorial example is of non-equilibrium condensation in a wet steam turbine so it will be very relevant for your work.

preetham108 September 23, 2010 23:50

Thank you on your feedback
Thanks Glenn, will look for the same.

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