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mahdi57 September 28, 2010 12:14

Fluent VS CFX
Could anybody let me know about the exact differences between CFX and Fluent? I know that Fluent is based on Finite Volume. The CFX is also based on Finite Volume OR Finite Volume?
Finally, I want to know which one is better to use?

stumpy September 28, 2010 14:23

I think your question is too general. There are lots of differences and lots of similarities. The best one to use is the one that works best for your application. In many cases either would be suitable.

mahdi57 September 29, 2010 05:07

Fluent VS CFX
Dear Stumpy,

Thank you for your reply. Please let me know:

1- CFX is based on finite volume OR finite element?
2- I wanna use one of them for modelling of flue gas in boiler. Which of them is better for this application (viscouse subsonic fluid flow with radiation and convention heat transfer + turolency)

ghorrocks September 29, 2010 08:19

CFX is finite volume, but is uses many concepts from finite elements such as shape factors and integration points.

Both CFX and fluent should be able to model your flue. Try them both out and find out which works better for you. General comments about one being better than the other are rarely accurate.

mahdi57 September 29, 2010 14:33

Fluent VS CFX
Thank you ghorrocks.

Jade M November 1, 2010 14:02

Check out capabilities chart at

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