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ehsanshams October 8, 2010 19:52

CEL function in CFX
I am trying to learn how to write a CEL function in fortran to add source term in momentum eqn.

I am looking at the examples given in user's modeling guide and trying to repeat example 1. It seems to be straight forward, however, I get segmention error in solver:

| ERROR #001100279 has occurred in subroutine ErrAction. |
| Message: |
| Signal caught: Segmentation violation |

It even stops with this error message when I tried an empty routine.

I would appreciate any help in advance.


joey2007 October 14, 2010 15:34

Did you retype it or took it from the examples directory?

ehsanshams October 14, 2010 15:52

I typed it. But I also got the same problem when I tried to run the HVAC example from the tutorial.

I figured out that it would work if I comment the 'success flag' (CRESLT) at the end of subroutine.

I am still not sure why it happens, I would appreciate any more comment.

michael_owen October 14, 2010 21:27

You are probably accessing an array out of bounds. Check your array indices.

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