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az_f October 11, 2010 20:32

I'm using ANSYS12.1 and in CFX post I know that the velocity.curl give the magnitude of the vorticity. I was wondering what's the phisical meaning of areaint(velocity.curl ) or areaAve(velocity.curl ).

csmith_PADT October 12, 2010 15:58

The mathematical meaning of areaInt(velocity.curl) in CFX-Post is simply the sum of the vorticity magnitude over a specified surface, while areaAve(velocity.curl) is the average vorticity magnitude on that surface. Physically, it may give you an idea of the amount of rotation that is present in the fluid structures or vortex tubes passing through the surface in question. It will not give you any information about the direction of rotation or the orientation of the flow structures as they pass through your surface.

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