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Silmaril October 21, 2010 04:55

Defining Point Value in CFX-Pre
Is there any way to insert the value of a variable at one point in an expression in CFX-Pre?

For example can I create an expression (in CFX-Pre) that check the difference between the pressure at some point and a given pressure value?

Thanks :)

ghorrocks October 21, 2010 04:58

Look in the documentation for the CEL function probe.

Silmaril October 21, 2010 05:06

Maybe I'm looking in the wrong direction, the problem I have with the probe function in CFX-Pre is that I'm not able to define a point to use in the region field for the probe function :(
I'm sure this can be done (I guess monitor points work the same way, which are available in CFX-Pre) but I cannot find the way :P


Silmaril October 21, 2010 05:13

I have to define a source point (without any source) and use it as a point :P

Thanks for the help!

stumpy October 21, 2010 08:43

Or create a monitor point and use it as the point in the probe() function.

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