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berelian90 October 23, 2010 03:02

geometry in fsi
i have used fsi (ansys & cfx) for modeling an artery bifurcation. but i have some problems:
1. my program is run with some specific geometry and when i change the angles of bifurcation the program isn't run and shows fatal error in fsi boundary condition.
2. i modeled my geometry in solidworks and when i use loft in geometry my program never doesn't run.
3. when i use pressure as a boundary condition, i encounter this warning: use an opening boundary condition.
although my geometry is too long, this warning occur and the program doesn't run unless i change boundary condition to opening.
i will be so gratefull if anyone help me.

michael_owen October 25, 2010 08:53

You need to provide pictures of both the mechanical and CFX setup, and a more detailed description of your setup and the problem you are having, including the exact errors. People can't help you if you haven't given them enough information.

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