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taichijulie October 25, 2010 13:46

cfdpost in batch mode

I am trying to run cfdpost in batch mode using

<CFXROOT>/bin/cfdpost -batch <session_file.cse> <results_file.res>

but the program attempts to execute ChartViewer.exe, which is not available on our HPC cluster.

In the CFX manual, it is mentioned that:
"All of the functionality of CFD-Post can be accessed when running in Batch mode. When running in batch mode, a Viewer is not provided and you cannot enter commands at a command prompt."

It there a way I can disable any display and call to Chartviewer.exe?


joey2007 October 25, 2010 15:29

I guess it is not possible.

You may reroute via setting the DISPLAY variable to your desktop machine.

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