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jrl4444 October 27, 2010 08:37

CFX crash recovery, is there a way to merge mon and trn files?
CFX release 11 during a solver run the computer crashed before completion. It is a transient analysis with 1000 steps. The computer went down, this is not a solver crash.


under output control
TRN results set to every time step
Backup set to time step interval ... 20

I have had this scenario a number of times in the past couple years, I have learned to clean the mess up by hand, recover the results without a problem less the monitor files but seems there should be a fairly easy way to have CFX solver pickup the run at the last backup file, monitor files and all. Of course I can use the backup file and restart the run, even rename the backup file including the extension to RES no problem but my nice solver history is ... well ... history.:D

Something I find interesting if you open CFX solver and choose "monitor a run in progress" browse to the location of the run and choose the "<name>.dir" directory it all comes back up, says it is running, gee just looks great expect it is not running, :rolleyes: it is locked up.

If I can't get solver to pick it back up then does anybody know how to directly run the cleanup routine solver executes at the end of a run? I would think this could be done in a command prompt window, maybe a small batch file project.


TommySean October 30, 2010 11:52

1. change your workinng path to the *.dir folder.

2. cfx5dfile <bak_file_name> -write-monitor <moitor_file_name>

Now the iteration curve will be stored in the bak file or res file.

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