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P9408 October 31, 2010 10:49

Idea Gas calculation vs Simlation not same !!!!!
My project I try to heat up the air to make a higher pressure in the reactor's cavity. After I do the simulation I found Pressure increased aound 0.001 ATM but from my calculation by P1/P2 = T1/T2 ( Constant Volume) I found the pressure will be 1.25 ATM ( It mean Pressure must increase 0.25 ATM), so It have any suggestion about the simulationin to compare between Idea Gas ( Constant Volume) vs Simulation result ANSYS or CFX ????

ghorrocks October 31, 2010 18:15

CFX is accurate in modelling ideal gases. There is a problem in your simulation. Can you describe your test model and boundary conditions?

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