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ashtonJ November 4, 2010 20:20

How To save a created mesh file in Ansys Meshing
Dear All

I created a geometry in Ansys Workbench release 12 and then I meshed it in Ansys Meshing. I saved the meshed geometry as *.wbpj, then, I launched CFX-Pre in order to solve my problem but CFX- Pre only import *.cmdb files and I could not save the created mesh file as *.cmdb in Ansys CFX release 12. I am really confused how I should save a created mesh file in Ansys Meshing which can be readable by CFX-Pre.

Thanks in advance

antonio November 5, 2010 06:49


Try to save it as MSH file.


NickFL November 5, 2010 09:18

First of all your wbpj is your Workbench file and it basically a list of what files are in the project and where they are. There is a directory with the same name as your wbpj that is the location of all your files. DO NOT MOVE THESE FILES AROUND!!! It could destroy your project.

If you want to take your mesh created in ANSYS meshing into standalone CFX there are several ways to do this. Perhaps the easiest is, in Workbench, to add a CFX component system to your project. Drag the mesh onto the Setup of the new CFX and a blue line will appear between the two. Notice the mesh icon changes from green checkmark to lighting bolt letting you know it needs to be converted to CFX mesh. Right-click on mesh and select Update. Now we need to make a copy of this mesh into the directory where you want to run CFX Standalone. To find this file, select View->Files. A pane opens and find the correct cmdb file. Right-click and select open containing folder. Copy this file into your CFX Standalone working directory. DO NOT MOVE THE ORIGINAL.

playmaster November 5, 2010 11:13

In the outline window of CFX-Pre, right click on (Mesh). select (ANSYS Meshing). find your saved (*.cmdb) file in your drive. enjoy it

hishtiaq January 7, 2012 23:04

I'm using Ansys CFX 12.1. After creating the mesh file I am trying to access the mesh file from CFX-Pre but I'm getting the error:

The file from which the mesh is to be imported, "H:/CFD Assignment". does not exist.
Unable to import the requested mesh:
Type ="GtmDirect".
Generic options ="".
Specific options ="".

The mesh file that I got after meshing is *.cmdb and I did what you have advised but I'm still getting the same error.

Please help.

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