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Saikiran November 6, 2010 09:55

Defining Domain Interface
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Hi all...I would like to know your ideas regarding a small issue i have. I'm attaching an image with this thread. It is a conjugate heat transfer model.There are three types of domains in the problem. The rectangular fluid domain at the center, square channels surrounding it and a solid domain enclosing them. The fluid initially enters the rectangular fluid domain through the nozzle placed at the center and impinges on the base.I have defined domain interfaces for heat transfer between solid and fluid domains.There is a heat source below(one the base of solid domain) with heat lfux boundary condition. After impinging the surface the fluid has to enter the channels around it. How can i define Domain Interface(if required) in this case? or What kind of boundary conditions to be defined?Kindly someone help me.

ghorrocks November 7, 2010 18:40

Sounds straight forward. Interfaces are required between the solid and fluid domain interfaces (sounds like you have already done this). The connections between the vertical fluid channel and the horizontal fluid channel can be done with fluid to fluid interfaces if required (but can also be meshed in one big body with no interfaces if you like).

The heating coil example in CFX shows how to set up this sort of simulation.

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