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ashtonJ November 14, 2010 03:43

Pulsatile Flow Simulation With CFX
Hi everyone

I simulated a pulsatile flow in an artery. A waveform velocity distribution is used as inlet boundary condition. I applied Average Static Pressure as the outlet boundary condition and set it to 93 mmHg. Reference pressure is set to 1 atm. While solving the problem in CFX solver, the following notice is shown:

A wall has been placed at portion(s) of an OUTLET
boundary condition (at 15% of the faces, 5 % of the area)
to prevent fluid from flowing into the domain.

The boundary condition name is: Outlet.
The fluid name is: Fluid 1.

If this situation persists, consider switching to an Opening type boundary condition instead

Please let me know what the problem of my simultion is.

Kind regards

ghorrocks November 14, 2010 05:57

This is discussed in the CFX documentation and also on this forum a million times. Do a search of the doco and this forum for the answer.

In short an outlet does not allow backflow so the flow was stopped in that section of the outlet. If the backflow is real then use a opening to more correctly model it.

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