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pejvak November 15, 2010 12:54

solid combustion
hi all

i have a problem that is about modeling of solid fuel combustion. i want to model pyrolysis of solid fuel . is it possible using CFX to model this phenomena?

i become happy if anyone help me

joey2007 November 15, 2010 17:22

The short answer is yes. For coal combustion this implemented as a model.

However, what is if your fuel is not coal dust (e.g. piece of wood). Well, the things might get difficult quite fast. Even that is possible with right assumptions. I guess this is not a newcomer project.

pejvak November 16, 2010 02:48

thanks joey for your advice. but i should model a solid box of wood not combustion of particles. now is it possible in cfx or not? can you help me more


joey2007 November 16, 2010 13:59

You may regard it as a gas phase combustion and put a boundary source at the contact between wood and air.

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