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Boris Tobias November 19, 2010 05:13

General question concerning porous domain

I have some question concerning the porous domian in CFX. I've already read the documentation and did the tutorial on porous media flow.

I'm trying to model a blade wheel by using the porous domain. For that I need to change the flow direction from vec{c}=(u v w)=(1 1 0) to (1 -1.5 0). So I need to use the directional loss model under which the option "streamwise direction" can be found. The meaning of this option is not clear to me. If I specify any value (direction), what does that exactly mean? Is it the definition of the coordinate direction in which the streamwise and the transverse loss occur? So if I set (1 0 0) for the streamwise direction does that mean the streamwise loss occurs in the direction of x and the transverse loss would be normal to that e. g. in y and z direction?

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