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Kirillo November 19, 2010 07:10

Diesel engine in CFX 11.0
Kind time of day!
I am engaged in calculation income air in the chamber of combustion of the diesel engine. All calculations is produced in ANSYS CFX 11.0. FE mesh of model has constructed, has entered train diagrams of walls. Now I think, how during calculation it is possible to disconnect separate sub-domains to model all cycle of hit of air in the chamber of combustion, its compression and the subsequent outcome. Help informative advice! Settlement model I can send on your e-mail.
My regards.
P.S.: Sorry for my English.

joey2007 November 19, 2010 13:46

I would use 12.1. There was some development on remeshing.

ghorrocks November 19, 2010 17:51

There are few approaches to this:

You can use a GGI as that allows you to slide to no contact no problems, but you will need to change the geometry slightly to fit it in.

You can also move the valve to almost shut then interpolate onto a mesh with the valve shut. This way you miss the final little bit of valve motion but not much happens there anyway.

And you might be interested to read my phd thesis on using CFX4 to model IC engines.

Kirillo November 22, 2010 11:56

I trying...
Kind time of Day!

I try the first variant as I wish to model a full cycle of work of the chamber of burning. I already download earlier also have seen your book. Me concrete adjustments GGI, boundary condition of a wall interest. I have noticed, what the wall simply ceases to spend air on time or I not so I understand statement of a problem?

I trying that

This is My experiment: (it's 3D in cut plane) (file is downloadable before 27 november 2010)

I want to activate and deactivate entrance channels in various time of experiment.

My regards.

ghorrocks November 22, 2010 19:07

The presentation you linked to uses the new meshing stuff to model the motion. This stuff is much improved in V12 (and I think V13 has further developments) so I would recommend updating.

I did not understand your question.

Kirillo November 23, 2010 07:13

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Kind time of Day!

My question is: how to activate and deactivate domain by the use of wall (or GGI) between domains in ANSYS CFX 11.0? Wall will be on\off by time curve.

My regards.

ghorrocks November 23, 2010 22:20

I gave two methods to do it in my first post. Either slide shut with a GGI or stop the valve just before closing and interpolate onto a mesh with the valve shut.

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