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lentschi November 21, 2010 14:55

Creating a local coordinate system

I am trying to simulate a flow inside a coil and capture the velocity-components at several points. Therefor i have to create a local coordinate system whose 1-axis is shifted about 10 to the x-axis of the global system (respectively the 2-axis to the y-axis).
The 3-axis matches with the z-axis.
Is there any command to perform my desired transformation?
I think i can create a coord frame with a desired origin point at maybe [130;300;0]), define the 3-axis with [0;0;1] and the 1-3 plane with [1;0;0,17] (=10 shift).
Finally i can use the Function Calculator to display the amounts of velocity an use the vector plot for plotting my velocity vecors (therefor i have to create a point).

Is this the correct procedure,or is there anything wrong?



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