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radon November 23, 2010 05:24

Tu and boundary condition in CFX
Hello, I count real experiment (a purge of a shovel of a turbomachine, blade C3X, experiment NASA CR-168015), from experimental data to me are known: parametre Тu, number Re, number of M and as a total pressure and temperature on an input, and also number M and Re on an exit.

Actually a question:

1) As parametre Tu to set in options in CFX, in particular for SST turbulence models.

2) How correctly to lay down a boundary condition on an exit (I has found by theoretical calculation the approached value of pressure, and after by means of several iterations, changing pressure upon an exit achieved the necessary value of number M an exit). I suspect my way it is not absolutely true.

At standard values in CFX intensity of turbulence in 5 % of value of pressure on a profile, have turned out distinct from experimental considerably enough, up to 30 %.


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