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Chonker November 30, 2010 09:09

Force / Torque on car body
Hello, I'm a new ANSYS user, I've modeled an open-wheel race-car, and am trying to figure the aerodynamic downforce/lift generated, as well as the drag coefficient, as you would get from the balance on a windtunnel (I will be performing a wind-tunnel verification of my CFD results).

The axis on my model are x, longitudinal. y, lateral, z vertical.

I think I've got drag coefficient worked out from the D = 1/2 rho v^2 Cd A equation, using the Total force in x for the drag force D. I get a coefficient of around 0.8 which seems pretty sensible.

I'm struggling however to calculate the lift/downforce acting on each axle. I have the total down-force from the Total Force Z but wanted to quantify the amount applied to front and rear. In the solution report there is a value for Total Torque in Y (8.3091e+01) which seems like the one to use. The problem is I don't know about which point this torque acts. Would it be about the point 0,0,0?

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