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s_baghalian December 5, 2010 13:11

velocity contours didn't be complete
i am modeling a channel with 3 phases( air+water+sediment).
velocity contours didn't be complete after 10000 iteration. what is reason of it? do you know any one or article that modeled sediment using CFX?

ghorrocks December 5, 2010 18:12

What do you mean "velocity contours didn't be complete"? Do you mean it did not converge? In this case you need to refer to the CFX documentation "Obtaining Convergence".

s_baghalian December 6, 2010 02:29

it mean that in developed area, velocity contours are wrong, because they aren't symmetry and red color is being visited in sides of sections and aren't in center of section.
can cfx model sediment? i need a reference that it modeled it to help me. do you know any one or article?

ghorrocks December 6, 2010 07:31

I don't think CFX has built in models of sedimentation and scouring (or whatever it is called when sediment is picked up again).

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